Welcome to your Kettering Town Quiz

In which English County is the town of Kettering?

How many times have Kettering played at Wembley?

When equalising for Kettering to make it 2-2 against Fulham in 2009, Craig Westcarr scored in what fashion?

How many years after the clubs formation was it that they moved into their home ground of Rockingham Road?

Rounded to the nearest 10 Miles, how far is it from the centre of London to the centre of Kettering?

The Club now play at Latimer Park, but if you were to drive from the centre of Kettering to the stadium, how many miles would you have driven?

In 2005, a former star England footballer became manager of the poppies, but who was it?

The clubs local rivals are AFC Rushden and Diamonds, Corby Town and Northampton town, but geographically which club is the closest?

How many years was it in between when Kettering were formed and when they became a founding member of the Alliance League?

Who Knocked Kettering out of the 2017/18 Fa Cup?