Welcome to your Tiverton Town Quiz

Which colour does Tiverton share as one of its three club nicknames?

What is the name of the Chairman that their home ground is named after?

Who did Tiverton Town secure their greatest attendance record against in 1994?

Phil Everett holds the goal scoring record for the club, but how many goals did he score for the 'Yellows'?

True or False? Did Tiverton win back to back FA Vase Trophies between 1998/99?

In the 2002/03 season, Tiverton reached their highest ever league position in the Southern League Premier Division, but where did they place?

How many times have the club won the Devon St Luke's Cup?

When the club was founded, what was their original name?

How old was Matthew Conridge when he become the youngest football chairman of a English Football side in history?

In 2022/23 the club appointed a new chairman, Michael Dunford, but which club was he previously CEO at?