It has been an immensely tough time for the players and staff at Loughborough Dynamo.

Many of them have been forced to walk away after the club announced they would be voluntarily relegated, amid news of the FA’s league allocations for 2024/25.

With the community club in Loughborough now little more than a park team, former press officer James Kendrick, who left the club following the announcement, blasted the owner’s lack of transparency around his future plans for the Moes.

Loughborough Dynamo are one of several clubs accepting relegation, with Cirencester one of the clubs also accepting the drop.

Kendrick, who said the owner told him the relegation would be from Step 4 to Step 8, said many players and staff who felt at home at the club have been forced to move on due to the big drop in quality.

He was shocked by the move, which he said he didn’t see coming, and felt Loughborough deserves a better football club as a sporting town.