It may not be an ancient tapestry, but the Futbology app has revolutionised the beautiful game for groundhoppers and casual supporters alike.

Since debuting on mobiles in 2012, Futbology has emerged as an indispensable tool for fans at all levels.

Boasting an array of features from historic databases, where users log their past games, to a service pinpointing nearby matches, the app has become a cornerstone of matchday planning. 

The latter feature has proven invaluable to the team at GroundhopUK, as a search through it marks the beginning of their weekend hops.

Futbology serves as a platform for non-league clubs, down to the grassroots level in step seven, to advertise their fixtures, allowing supporters to discover matches steps from their front door.

“The idea came to us almost 13 years ago now,” one of the app’s co-creators, Geir Florhaug, said.

“We were in a group travelling once a year to big matches in Europe and we used to chat about old games we’d been to.

“My friend and I ran a music app and thought, there must be a way to log your personal football history. But there wasn’t, so we figured – why not try this ourselves?”

Scandinavian duo Geir and Lars Erik Bolstad were the perfect pair to launch such an app. Both supporters of Hamarkameratene in their native Norway and Manchester United in England, Lars Erik combined his skills as a software developer with Geir’s marketing talent to create what was initially known as ‘Groundhopper’.

Since then, the app has exploded, with passionate volunteers working in all corners of the globe to ensure that Futbology’s extensive database of leagues, fixtures and pyramids are regularly updated.  

Lars Erik explained the shift in name, saying how the move was intended to “position ourselves to a much bigger audience than Groundhoppers. Nothing against them as they’re an important part of our user base, but it’s just a niche audience.

“I’m now working full-time on the app as we’re trying to strengthen its social aspects.”

Geir added to that, saying how the pair now “see on Twitter that people are using the app for networking, meeting each other and building communities, which is great.

“If users could communicate in the app in the same way as Twitter, it would be an enormous step forward.”

In other areas, Futbology has been making impressive strides, this season striking partnerships with EFL clubs Cheltenham and Sutton, adding to a roster of European sides. That means that if matches are logged watching the Robins or the Us, users can unlock special ‘badges’, also unlockable at various milestones. 

Further down the pyramid, non-league sides have been using Futbology to promote their games, encouraging spectators to check-in at matches.

“It helps the clubs sell more tickets which is great,” Geir expressed. “On a rainy evening someone might decide to head out because it would be another tick, another badge.” 

Geir and Lars have now been working together studying fixtures, grounds and attendances for the best part of a decade. So, how do they think non-league clubs can boost their crowds and, in effect, their bank accounts? 

Geir said: “We both find it strange that non-league games in England all kickoff at 3pm on Saturdays. In other countries, kickoffs are staggered so clubs can sell five times more tickets as people can go to five times more games, especially when there are big league clubs around them.”

“We’ve supported Non-League Day a couple of times with our database, but we find it counterintuitive that on that day you have to pick one game.”

Lars Erik summed up their thoughts, “That just seems to be down to the peculiar British traditions. It’s always been 3pm so nobody wants to change.”

Futbology is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store, with a paid subscription required to unlock all features.

Geir Florhaug – Futbology CO-Creator