Semi-Pro caught up with Brian Adamson, Chairman of the Corinthian Casuals, on his recent appointment and ambitions for the future.

Brian Adamson shared his thoughts on his career at the Southwest London club and how recent times have challenged the board and their plans for development going forward.  

When asked what journey Adamson had been on to becoming the chairman of the club he explained that after 25 years there he was asked if he wanted the position and accepted the role as a ‘natural progression’.

He said;  “I got promoted to the first team manager’s job, and then I was asked to go on their executive committee because they are a members club. So I accepted a position on the executive panel.

“Then after that, things moved down a little bit where I was then asked to be a vice chairman. And then in January there was a change at the top of the club when I was asked to become the chairman.”

The club has struggled in previous seasons having been relegated this year from the Isthmian League South Central Division after finishing bottom.

Adamson explained: “The last four appointments were not good for the club and we paid for that. They came in and didn’t know the club, they didn’t know the club’s values.

“Over the last six months we’ve gone through four managers and all the things behind the scenes weren’t right in the club.”

He went on to say; “I’m a great believer that if you don’t get the base correct, at the top end, it’s not going to be right. And then that doesn’t transfer out onto your football field. We have now since January, got the club working properly. We’ve got a new chairman, new treasurer, a new secretary and a new committee.

“We now have the off field side of the club absolutely spot on and now we are concentrating on interviewing for next season’s manager.

“And we honestly believe that’s when we will be able to get that price as well.

“This time we’re not looking to try and put people under pressure and say, that has to get us up in the first year. We want it to be a 2 or 3 year program and to see progress so when we do get back up, we’re an established team.”

Corinthian Casuals’ history is richly developed both in the English football pyramid and further afield.

In the 1988/89 season, the club toured Brazil playing the Corinthians side which is where their infamous relationship to Brazil comes from. 

“Firstly we’re asking players to still play for the love of the game, we’re asking them to pay for expenses, minimum expenses. Secondly, going on to attract team managers, that problem doesn’t change.

“We’ve had about 25 applications for the job but on top of that, I’ve probably had 25 applications, all in Portuguese from managers in Brazil.

“They want to come over and manage the casuals, where else or what other club in the UK advertising for managers would get that amount of Brazilians applying for a job. This is all under the expectation that they’ve got a chance of, you know, potentially getting a job.

“What’s happened is that they’ve seen the job advertised on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever and of course it is reposted all over Brazil. If you look on our website as well, we’ve also got 100,000 so anything we tweet or post gets to Brazil anyway so yeah, it’s interesting.”

The club has put in planning permission with the local council for a 3G pitch to provide a surface for more than just the first team to train on. 

“We have over 40 youth teams, girls teams and now even a walking football team.

“We spend in the region of 50,000 a year on winter training throughout the club. So what would happen if we get the 3G down, it’s got the potential of easily bringing in 100,000 pounds a year and that would set this club, I mean, I say the life of the pitch is ten years, and you have to put 10% of your income every year, to replace a carpet in ten years, but that would guarantee us those incomes for the next ten years and set us up for ever, if you like. So, yes, very important.”

As previously mentioned, the past previous seasons for the club have been tough and have left them not in a position they would ideally want to be in. Adamson has ambition for a united club with new ground facilities and the desire to grow. 

He said; “In 3 – 5 years we would have come out of the Combined Counties League.

“The more people that come through the door, the more revenue comes in through the gate. It will come in through the kitchen on a Sunday.

“Where all of these things at the moment don’t happen. So in 3 to 5 years, yes, I expect us to be back. We will have our 3G pitch and we’ll be a united club going forward.” 

The club are also in talks with children’s homes around the Croydon area to develop education and football programmes for the young people in care. Adamson adds;

“We have a sponsorship deal with children’s care homes in the area. We are going to bring the children down to us on match day. We’re going to give them a coaching session on the pitch and we are going to go into their homes and at school.”

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