Fancy a race around a go-kart track before tucking into 90 minutes of Step Six football at one of South Yorkshire’s friendliest clubs? Wombwell Town is the place to go.

To be honest, the main reason Semi-Professional ventured to Greater Barnsley on a Thursday night wasn’t just to visit Wombwell Town’s quaint Recreation Ground.

The Wellers had nothing to play for, stuck just one place below but with no mathematical way into the Northern Counties East League Division One (and breathe) playoffs.

Instead, what really attracted this reporter (besides the novelty of a racing track neighbouring the ground) was the evening’s visitors, Parkgate FC, who had a shot at clinching the title and with that, promotion back to the ninth tier.

However, beyond the league table drama, what we discovered was a welcoming club who created one of the more interesting atmospheres seen this season, warming up even the chilliest of April(!) evenings…


Deciding to catch the game just an hour before kickoff resulted in a quick drive rather than jumping on a train. Luckily, there was plenty of free parking within walking distance and a paid option at the ground for those travelling in their own vehicles.

On the drive through Wombwell the local train station was spotted, and if you choose to take that option it’s just a 20 minute journey from Sheffield, the nearest mainline station, and then a 30 minute walk through the town.

You could even catch a bus from the station to the ground, but the route is about as direct as Pep Guardiola’s football, and on foot would probably get you there just as fast.

Rating: 9/10

State of the pitch

Given it was late April and the Wellers had already hosted four home matches in the past three weeks, expecting a Wembley-esc turf was unrealistic. However, whoever looks after Town’s pitch has the right to be proud, with few reasons to complain from either side.

Despite a few inevitable clumps of turf, the pitch’s overall condition was commendable.

One notable feature was the sizable gap between the one seated stand and the touchline, which might slightly obstruct the view for the visually impaired. Albeit, that does feel like a clutch at straws.

Rating: 7/10


Time for honesty; this reporter had food at home. Hunger was too much to ignore and a pint was skipped with car keys in use however, there was still room for possibly the greatest hot chocolate of all time. 

This match was supposedly in April, and clothes that should’ve been appropriate for the usual weather had already been picked without a glance at the weather report. Major mistake. 

The next 90 minutes consisted of a lot of hopping up and down on the spot in an attempt to keep blood flow throughout the body, before a refreshment van was spotted.

To some, it was just a £2 Aero Hot Chocolate. To Semi-Pro, it was everything. Determined to stay to the end and watch the possible title celebrations, this drink kept warmth flowing all the way to the post-match scenes.

Rating: 10/10


A drumbeat always signals a good atmosphere and, while many in the Wombwell choir’s voices are yet to have broken, they did an excellent job of continuing to sing throughout the entire match, regardless of the scoreline.

The visitors Parkgate brought a sizable following of their own, however considering what was on the line for the Rotherham-based club, their contingent barely raised a whisper until the final 10 minutes.

Overall, everyone we spoke to were friendly and up for a chat, and couldn’t have been more welcoming.

Rating: 8/10


There isn’t much to the Recreation Ground. The clubhouse was modest and, while busy at halftime, there was still room by the radiator to push life back into some frozen fingers. Three sides of the pitch housed simple concrete standing with the long touchline and car park had a small 113 seater covered stand wedged between. 

The seats could’ve been taken straight from a stadium hosting Europa League football in Eastern Europe and were comfortable.

Not the most groundbreaking of facilities but could you expect more from a Step Six club?

Rating: 5/10

Overall, Wombwell Town is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Yorkshire, a county already spoilt for choice. 

For those wondering too, Parkgate won 2-0 and secured the league title, while all my limbs remained intact despite the threat of frostbite. Checkout our TikTok and Instagram to see these reviews and more summed up in 60 snappy seconds.

Total score: 39/50

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