“The Football Governance Bill will progress no further” Tracey Crouch MP has announced on X, formally known as Twitter.

The Bill will be halted until after the general election at least.

It was made to establish the Independent Football Regulator; to make provision for the licensing of football clubs; to make provision about the distribution of revenue received by organisers of football competitions; and for connected purposes.

The Bill was close to being in affect, with Crouch stating on X: “There is a ready made Bill for the next Government, I won’t be there to see it pass.”

“A lot of people poured their heart and soul into the Bill – officials, politicians, authorities, clubs and of course fans. I am 100% convinced there will be an independent Regulator for football, thanks to the efforts of others and the desire for sustainability.

“My final plea is to the Premier League and EFL…please, for the sake of football, sit back down and start negotiating a deal. The impasse is infuriating. I know it’s complex. But please, agree a deal. The End,” The Conservative MP continued.

There has been a strong reaction on the social media platform X, with most football fans disappointed in the Bill being stopped.

@Dalekdi replied to the initial post: “That’s a real shame.”

@JoeGoshMUFC replied, “Tracey, thank you for all that you have done regarding the Bill so far. It’s a shame it couldn’t progress further at this time. I am convinced a regulator will be introduced once upon a time.”

Semi-Professional have contacted Tracey Crouch MP for comment, who is yet to respond.