Oh Newcastle, what a calamity you’ve had.

Now, we’ll address the fact that Tottenham are far from blameless in what we’re about to discuss either, travelling straight to Australia after the season’s end for friendlies after suggesting the fixture list was too congested is embarrassing.

It’s no secret that our non-league clubs benefitted hugely from FA Cup replays, whether that was from gaining huge attendances, more longstanding supporters or even by putting themselves on the map by being on TV.

So scrapping them from the first round onwards to benefit the minority of huge clubs at the top of the footballing chain at the expense of so many below them, has, quite rightly, gone down terribly.

Newcastle became the subject of serious embarrassment on Friday morning when they found themselves on the end of an 8-0 hammering against an A-Leagues All Stars side that probably did more than enough to stop the Magpies building on their Australian fanbase.

Crying about a few replays which actually provide lower league sides a fighting chance of progression in the FA Cup whilst also sending players halfway across the globe straight after the end of the campaign is not only contradictory, but it mocks the incredible community clubs that help to structure our pyramid.

So when we saw the score, which is gaining quite a bit more attention for all the wrong reasons for the Magpies, we were quite entertained.

We’re sure they’ll cry into the millions of pounds they’ve probably picked up from playing that game and beating Spurs a few days beforehand, but it doesn’t change the fact that the public humiliation feels like the tiniest slice of justice.

Pushing tiny fees down the pyramid from the top doesn’t replace the memories or the finances clubs gain from FA Cup replays, and the lack of consideration for such a large percentage of the clubs in the decision to remove them speaks volumes about the sorry state today’s game finds itself in.

We hope clubs learn to have some shame when they consider travelling further afield for cash grabs in future.