It’s not often a keeper is forced off injured and an outfield player is forced to go between the posts, but for them to go and save a penalty? Surely not.

In Sittingbourne’s derby against Faversham in the Isthmian League South East division, in March 2023, Adebayo Akinfenwa made his debut for the latter side. 

The famous striker came off the bench with 30 minutes to go, with his team 1-0 down in the game. 

In the 94th minute, in a game which could potentially have sent Faversham down, Akinfenwa would have hoped to be the hero for his new team.

In the dying moments, Faversham were awarded a penalty, with the Sittingbourne keeper unable to continue. 

Up steps Harrison Pont…


The game ends 1-0 to Sittingbourne, with a miraculous save from the midfielder.

Pont spoke to Semi-Professional about the moment last year:

“As soon as our keeper got injured I volunteered to go in goal. Not because I’ve ever been in goal before, just because I wanted to get on the pitch! When I knew it was definitely going to be Akinfenwa taking it that made me want to go in even more.

“He had all the pressure on him to score his first goal for the club and help them not get relegated so I didn’t feel any pressure on my shoulders at all.”

For someone who hasn’t ever played in goal, the confidence clearly paid off. 

“It probably also helped that I knew it was going to be my last game for the club having made that decision myself before the game started. 

“I thought if I’m going to leave I may as well try and leave on the biggest high possible.”

It was clear the former Swansea and Wycombe striker was shocked by the miss.

“After I saved it he just stared at me in disbelief and said, “How have you done that?”. I didn’t believe it myself at the time and for the final five minutes of the match I’m glad I didn’t have to make another save because the adrenaline was rushing through me!

“After the game we shook hands and he asked me if I used to be a keeper when I was younger and I told him that was the first time I had ever gone between the sticks and it left him speechless!”

What Pont didn’t expect was what came afterwards: 

“The feeling was crazy after a couple weeks went by seeing that he didn’t play again knowing that the final touch of his career was a penalty against me, especially growing up watching him at my beloved Gillingham.” 

With posts from sites like SportBible, the penalty save became an internet sensation.

“After the match I knew it was something big but I didn’t think it would be as big news as it was. 

“I went out for a meal and I was getting messages from complete strangers and then there was an article in The Sun sport section, all of my mates were gassing me up about it but it still hadn’t really hit me.”

What a moment for the now Herne Bay player. 

Check out the video below:

Harrison Point saves Akinfenwa’s penalty