Let’s not sugar coat it, 9-0 is quite the score to lose a cup final by, and Racing Club Warwick will know that.

Make no mistake about it though, it was incredibly impressive for the then-Step 5 side to even reach the Birmingham County FA Senior Cup final, as Scott Easterlow’s side managed to see off Leamington, who have been promoted to Step 2, on their way to the final.

In fact, they were the first Step 5 side to reach the Birmingham County FA Senior Cup final in 40 years.

However, losing 9-0 to Aston Villa’s U21s side was a pretty disappointing result for the club.

It was only 3-0 at the interval, so it would seem as though tired legs were well punished by high quality, who comfortably secured the trophy.

The three goals that came past the 85th minute likely proves that too.

Speaking in his end of season review, manager Easterlow said: “Yes, the perfect ending would have been to lift he Senior Cup last night but it was always going to be a mammoth task and we came up against a side simply superior to us.”

Having been promoted back to Step 4 having been trying since he was reappointed as the manager in 2017, it’s clearly been a successful campaign for Warwick, regardless of the result in the final.

With several clubs struggling financially in and around that level, the fact that Racing Club Warwick look so stable heading into the future can only be considered a positive.

In front of 800 of their own supporters at Villa Park, the club looks to be heading in a good direction, and a one off bad result doesn’t define what was otherwise a superb campaign and a club heading in the right direction.