It’s safe to say that, on January 16th, 2024, the fans of Coalville Town and Nuneaton Borough couldn’t have predicted the next couple of months.

A frozen pitch forced the game between the two sides to be postponed to a later date, but that later date never arrived.

Just two days later, on January 18th, 2024, Nuneaton Borough announced that they would be withdrawing from the league and that they would be dissolving as a club.

Coalville Town have been just as unfortunate, announcing last week that they have also resigned from the Southern League.

The news of both teams resigning left fans and other clubs upset, with the posts announcing their resignation reaching just under 1.5 million views combined.

Sadly, resignations from leagues and going bust aren’t uncommon in the non-league scene, and the FA has to be quick to step in with approved league tables to help fill the gaps left by these clubs.

But, for former Nuneaton Borough fans, there has been one positive. From the ashes of the former club, the fans have come together to create a new team. The same fans, the same accounts, but a new name. Nuneaton Town FC.

This isn’t the first time Nuneaton fans have seen their club reform, with them being reformed twice before, in 1991, 2008, and they were just as upset to see the club go dissolve again.

The club is a direct successor to Nuneaton Borough and have taken over the club’s social media accounts and will be playing in the Midland Football League Division 1, which is in Step 6 of the English Football League system.

Nuneaton Borough were forced to resign after they were not able to renew their lease at their previous stadium Liberty Way.

The new club though, announced yesterday, that they will be playing their games at The Oval in Bedworth, sharing the ground with Bedworth United and hoping to find a more long-term home in the future.

With this new club rising from the ashes, there is still optimism that they can quickly get back up the leagues from fans and that, hopefully, there will not be a need to reform the club again in the future.

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